Wednesday Weigh-In Day

About 2 pounds down from last week :D

Would’ve been more but I didn’t poo this morning :( 

Stay Strong & Keto On, it feels so GOOD!

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I made a dang keto pumpkin pie, y’all. I’m probably not going to eat anything else ever again

recipe please! that frosting/icing looks so good!

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What can I dip in the yoke of eggs that isn’t a carb? I don’t eat the whites, but if I could learn to make over medium eggs, I feel this would be a nice choice. Any ideas? I dont feel bacon is the answer.

BACON is always the answer! lol

if you are looking for something else tho, you can try ham, hotdogs, sausages, low carb pitas, low carb bread, green peppers, zucchinis etc - just gotta get creative.

also, the best way I’ve cooked over medium eggs is on a non stick pan, with lots of butter. as soon as the eggs are in, top the pan. once the yokes turn white, they’re over easy. leave them for a few more seconds (10 or so) and then take them out for over medium. you’ll have to experiment to get it the way you like them best but once you got it, it’ll be worth it.  

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Crispers Ceaser Salad with Smoked Turkey and Red Onions… so GOOD…

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So simple, so Keto, so GOOD…

Pulled pork, swiss cheese, mayo and mustard… 

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Wednesday Weigh-In Day

Feels good when the numbers go down… last wednesday (not posted) I was at 258 lb so thats 10 lbs - woohoo! its only my 3rd week back on keto so that may still be considered water weight but its all good… i’ve been Keto’ing HARD and plan to continue so the numbers should keep dropping…  my lowest ever on Keto was 245 lbs (a few months ago b4 a whole bunch of cheating smh) plan to breeze right by that number pretty soon :D

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i Keto’d so hard last night :D

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the struggle is real lol

I’ve been there too many times, it sucks…

i can only speak from experience and whats helped me. when I’m feeling this way, I get my favorite keto friendly food I eat when i’m NOT on keto.

for me, its buffalo chicken wings and/or chicken ceaser salad… 

the familiarity of “normal” food, the fact that it tastes great and the fact that i’m still Keto all help me relax and lessen the hate - once full, I can think clearly and calmly and go from there… 

hope that helps…

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Keto Spaghetti & Meatballs

Homemade meatballs (thank you wifey) - she used a variation of this recipe.

Brown the meatballs a little then cook them in the oven (350 f) with the sauce.

I tried a new sauce (Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil Sauce) and it tastes GREAT! A little pricey but worth it. Only 3g net carbs per 1/2 cup! That goes a long way.

For the “spaghetti” I used Broccoli Slaw (thats not the exact one I bought but same thing). I boiled them (1 serving) in chicken broth till they started to look too boiled but they were fine, they didn’t even get super soft/soggy.

The plan was to eat the broccoli slaw as a side (with some butter/parmesean cheese) but I tried the slaw with the sauce and mmm mmm mmmmm it was good. Mixed everything together and added some cheese :D

I usually bake dishes like this longer bc I like my cheese a little cripsy/burnt but I was HUNGRY. Still awesome. Left a little less then a quarter. Very filling.

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257.6lbs… last week went from real good to real bad real fast smh 

my next cheat BETTER NOT be till September 15 at the earliest… my birthday lol

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My first weekend back in a month or so… man, that was hard lol

Long story short, I avoided cheating bc my sister didnt pick up her phone and I decided not to cheat at the last possible moment about 4 times. 

I have my reasons (family stress) but at the end they’re just excuses. 

I should be good now… wana get down to my previous lowest (245lbs) before I even think about cheating again. 

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First Day Back Wasn’t Bad…

Bulletproof coffee for breakfast. 

Chicken Wings (8) and lowcarb pita pizza for lunch.

Cheesy Beef (burgers) and broccoli for dinner.

I used my normal burger recipe for the beef and some frozen broccoli. Nuked the broccoli in water for about 2 minutes then put them in a small oven to broil. I deglazed the burger pan and topped the burgers with it. Added cheese on everything and put it back under the broiler. Topped the broccoli with whipped butter and salt/pepper. This was good, would’ve been better with steak :)

Last Friday (June 13) was my 1 year anniversary on Keto… could’ve been better… still, I started at 296 lbs… 260 lbs now… could’ve been worse… 

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Thanks for the kind words people! I need to get back on my no bullshit attitude lol

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And it starts again…

i have my reasons for all the on off bullshit but at the end of the day, they’re just excuses.

I actually SAW myself gain some of the weight back, not cool…

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if you didn’t know, now you know…  Keto Warriors LOVE bacon!

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