And I’m back… 

Last time I weighed myself: 9/3/14 @ 246lbs

Been off Keto since 9/10/14 - 19 days of carbs :/

This is my problem, I can’t control myself. Every time I cheat, I go balls to wall and over do it. Fuck…. 

At least the gain isn’t too bad :)

Back on that Keto grind!

Wednesday Weigh-In Day

The stall is OVER!

Today would’ve been week 4 but I’m down 5 lbs :D This is now my new lowest! 

Fuck YEAH!

Also, I changed my primary blog again (sorry) its nandopresentz, since I’m nando and I present me, myself and my shit lol  also, new tumblr theme - just a quick FYI

Go Keto!